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Re: Willinaqake salitralensis, South American hadrosaurid

2011/5/12 Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com>:
> Congrats on the new taxon, but I gotta say the slightly oblique perspective 
> in the skeletal reconstruction makes it less than useful scientifically, 
> since the proportions are distorted (perhaps explaining the large hands noted 
> by Brad) and the shape of the bones can't be easily compared to the 
> standardized angled figures of other taxa.

Thanks Mickey, and you are right about the oblique position being less
useful, but some points:

1-I at least think there is scientifically little a skeletal
reconstruction can give which can not be found in the text or figures
of the individual bones in a paper, including the scale bars of the
figures of the individual bones.

2-The artist was happy to have some originality (non scientific
reason, I know). It makes less likely that somebody denounces us or
the journal : )

3-I think you are all right in that the hand is too large in the
restoration, regardless of the perspective, and that this counts as
yet another error of the figure (damn!). We are actually not expert
hadrosaurologists, and we focused on studying and comparing the bones
which were preserved. We did not even attempt including Willinakaqe in
a matrix because Prieto Márquez did it before with a much larger
matrix (Willinakaqe is his "Salitral Moreno OTU").