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Jack Horner wants dinosaur Uniform Frame of Reference

From: Ben Creisler

Item in new issue of Science magazine:


Is It Time to Declutter the Dinosaur Roster?

Science 13 May 2011: 
Vol. 332 no. 6031 p. 782 
DOI: 10.1126/science.332.6031.782 

With almost 1000 types of dinosaurs on record and a new species being named
somewhere in the world every 2 weeks, paleontologist Jack Horner thinks too
many supposedly new discoveries are actually duplicates of animals already
on the books. Horner wants to set the record straight using a rigorous set
of procedures for studying dinosaur fossils that he calls the Unified Frame
of Reference (UFR). If implemented worldwide, he says, UFR will eliminate
at least 50 dinosaur species in a few years by revealing that those animals
were actually other known dinosaurs at different stages of growth. Other
researchers who have studied the "alias problem" share his concern. 

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