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Re: Troodon/Orodromeus hypothesis

> Norell et al., (Science, vol. 266, no 5186, Nov 4, 1994, pg. 779) wrote
> "the possibility that the dromaeosaurids (-sic, later found to be
> troodontids)... were predators on the the oviraptorid eggs or
> hatchlings,... cannot be discounted". Of course I agree that the hatchling
> Troodontids were unlikely to break the eggs. But that's not to say they
> didn't mistakenly try. I think I've seen films of juvenile foxes gnawing
> on eggs but failing to break them. Moreover, the troodontids could have
> been attracted to the eggs in order to snatch the chorioallantoic
> membranes upon hatching. So I think that your use of the word "impossible"
> was overstated.

And Rhea eggs are destroyed by diminutive hairy armadillos. To my
knowledge no one has observed how they do it...the presumption is that
they knock the eggs together!