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RE: Troodon/Orodromeus hypothesis

I understood perfectly. The text that you sent (copied below) does not
indicate that the eggshell on the Byronosaurus material is of oviraptorid
origin. It only says that the nest and six eggs therein are inferred to be
of oviraptorid origin.

I am asking whether the eggshell adhered to the Byronosaurus skull is from
a Byronosaurus egg or an oviraptorid egg.

This is an important point because the eggshell on the Byronosaurus could
be troodontid eggshell if the mother Byronosaurus laid her eggs in the
oviraptorid nest as a nest parasite. The byronosaurus specimens are
perinates, meaning they could have hatched from their own eggs in the
oviraptorid nest.

The perinate Byronosaurus could also have hatched in the oviraptorid nest
and then had oviraptorid shell fragments adhere to them while they were
still sticky.

  "The perinate skulls (IGM 100/972 and IGM 100/974; figs. 1?4) were found
in a
weathered nest of at least six eggs in the Late Cretaceous Xanadu
sublocality of
Ukhaa Tolgod, Djadoktha Formation, Mongolia (Loope et al., 1998; Norell et
1994; Dingus et al., 2008; fig. 5). [...] Because embryonic remains of an
oviraptorid theropod were found inside one of the eggs (Norell et al.,
1994) and
other occurrences of adult oviraptorids associated with eggs of this
eggshell type
are documented (Osborn, 1924; Currie et al., 1993; Norell et al., 1995;
Dong and
Currie, 1996), the nest is inferred to be that of an oviraptorid dinosaur."
>   Jason, I think you misunderstood me. I tried to state that the text
> indicates that the eggshell fragments attached to the troodontid hatchling
> skulls _are_ elongatoolithid, and therefore NON-troodontid eggshell, but
> actually oviraptorid in nature. In other words, that the troodontid skulls
> are associated with broken oviraptorid eggshell. The quote was not
> intended to affirm association of the skulls to the nest, but the
> eggshell-type to the skulls.
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