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Re: Willinakaqe

2011/5/15 Jaime Headden <qi_leong@hotmail.com>:
>   Really, does it matter? The issue I'd originally asked and was concerned 
> about was how it's pronounced. For some authors, the preferred pronunciation 
> is what _they_ used, what they thought the name sounds like and how 
> non-native speakers can derive the name. If Juárez's sources speaking this 
> tongue were using their "transliteration-free" tongue to do so, then all that 
> matters is how its pronounced. You can worry about spelling later. It's not 
> like we lose sleep over "bataar" rather than "baatar" -- well, maybe some do. 
> It's like having a fistfight over aluminium vs aluminum.
Yes, I know, I was just joking XD!  I apologize to David and Ben if my
tone went unnecessarily harsh (not intended, but at times I do not
know if behaving as a jerk).

>   Hurry up, or I'll just call it Willy Cake.
Hehehe!! Actually, that was one of our internal jokes, calling it
Willy's cake ("torta de Willy").