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Nambalia, Jaklapallisaurus, Saltopus, Heterodontosaurus, etc


This is a treasure trove of studies on early Mesozoic dinosaurs and
friends.  The high points are too numerous to mention here, but the
contents include:

* two new Late Triassic non-sauropod sauropodomorphs from India:
non-plateosaurian _Nambalia roychowdhurii_ and the plateosaurian
_Jaklapallisaurus asymmetrica_ (Fernando E. Novas, Martin D. Ezcurra,
Sankar Chatterjee, & T. S. Kutty);

* a re-description of _Saltopus elginensis_, which is found to be a
valid genus and species (based on unique character combination) of
basal dinosauriform (Michael J. Benton and Alick D. Walker);

* new heterodontosaurid specimens, including a large (1.75m, ~10kg)
specimen of _Heterodontosaurus_ (Laura B. Porro, Richard J. Butler,
Paul M. Barrett, Scott Moore-Fay and Richard L. Abel);

* a re-description of _Guaibasaurus candelariensis_, with theropod
affinities favored for this beastie (Max C. Langer, Jonathas S.
Bittencourt and Cesar L. Schultz).

And lots more (including some great broad-brush evolutionary studies)
which I'd like to mention specifically, but I gotta run...