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Re: Saltopus... a silesaurid?

 The thing is, several previous studies have speculated that
 _Lewisuchus_ and _Pseudolagosuchus_ are actually the same taxon -
 with Nesbitt et al. (2011; the _Asilisaurus_ paper - Supp Info)
 describing this issue in detail. Although Nesbitt et al. "strongly
 suspect that _Lewisuchus_ and _Pseudolagosuchus_ are the same taxon",
 they refrained from formally synonymizing the two.

So... just to make sure... the idea that *Lewisuchus* is actually a crurotarsan is history?

 Another interesting thing in the Benton and Walker paper is that the
 tree (which is based on characters in Brusatte et al., 2010) finds
 decent support (61%) for a _Scleromochlus_ + Pterosauria clade
 (=Pterosauromorpha - although not given here).

Are non-archosauromorphs included in the matrix?

 Finally, one peculiar aspect of the paper is the usage of ranks in
 the systematic treatment of _Saltopus_: Infradivision
 Dinosauromorpha, Subinfradivision Dinosauriformes, etc. I can't see
 the point of these quasi-Linnaean ranks at all.

Nobody can, except Benton.