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Dino Gangs book by Phil Currie

From: Ben Creisler

Thanks to the time zone issue, much this info is currently from the UK and
other sources.
Press releases and a television program about pack behavior in dinosaurs
are tied in with publication of the book Dino Gangs: the New Biology of
Dinosaurs by Phil Currie and Josh Young published by Harper Collins, due
for release on May 26. Here's a summary from the publisher:

With his groundbreaking new findings and extensive research,
palaeontologist and dino hunter Dr Phil Currie challenges the very
foundations of traditional dinosaur theories. Seventy million years ago the
Mongolian desert was home to the world's biggest, most dangerous carnivores
-- 5 meters tall, 12 meters long and weighing over 4 tonnes, the
Tyrannosaurs were the most formidable hunters to walk the earth. Now, new
research emerges that threatens to challenge the foundation of many
traditional theories on the biology of these fascinating creatures.
Palaeontologist and dino hunter Dr Phil Currie is out to prove how
dinosaurs actually lived. He and his team have been searching for the
fossilised truth about dinosaurs in the most extreme conditions; searing 40
degree heat, intense sandstorms and the constant threat of illegal
poachers. Currie's groundbreaking investigation takes him from Mongolia to
Canada and Patagonia in search of new evidence.He is looking for one
dinosaur in particular, the 'Tarbosaurus bataar' which he believes will
lead him to prove that the world's first pack hunters existed millions of
years ago, but he also stumbles upon the many new truths behind these
mythical animals. 'Dino Gangs' contains their exclusive, groundbreaking
scientific research that has finally resolved the extraordinary biology of
these awe-inspiring creatures. 

For a news story:

For info on the television program (with pictures):

Comments by Brian Switek

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