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Chinese dinosaur news stories

From: Ben Creisler

I thought it might be good to mention a few recent news stories about
Chinese dinosaurs.

Zhucheng as China's "dinosaur city" (story in English)


Largest Museum of Paleontology in China opens in Shenyang in Liaoning
Province (in Chinese)

The museum is located at the Shenyang Normal University.

The photo shows a sauropod and the text refers to it as the "Liaoning
dragon," described as more than 15 m long and 6 m high. 
The name Liaoningsaurus was already used for an ankylosaur so what the
formal name of the sauropod would be is not clear (Liaoninglong maybe?).
Dongbeititan is the only Jehol sauropod that comes to mind, but unless more
specimens have been found, it was only known from a partial skeleton. The
text seems to indicate that the original specimen of the sauropod was in
good condition and included its teeth. Admittedly, I'm relying mainly on
online translation tools and would need some times to do a more in depth
translation. Apologies if I'm this first reading turns out to be wrong, but
this may be a new sauropod from Liaoning that I'm not aware of. Maybe a
sauropod expert can identify it if it's just of cast of a known Chinese

The museum specimens on display include Anchiornis, the gliding lizard
Xianglong, and the ancient flowering plant Archaefructus.

China's Top Ten Dinosaur Discoveries (in Chinese)

At the First International Dinosaur Festival held in Changzhou in April at
the Chanzhou Dinosaur Park, Dong Zhiming and a team of other dinosaur
experts issued a list of the "Top Ten Chinese Dinosaur Discoveries." They
can be clicked through by number on the page.
The list is:
2.Euhelopus (photo is wrong!! shows hadrosaur)
7. Huayangosaurus 
8. feathered dinosaurs (don't know yet why snake photo is included)
10.Huanghetitan, dinosaur with deepest body cavity

Interview with dinosaur paleontologist Xing Lida (in Chinese)

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