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Liaoning Paleontological Museum and new(?) sauropod

From: Ben Creisler

I did some more searching online for info about the newly opened Liaoning
Paleontological Museum, in Shenyang in Liaoning Province, China, and the
apparently new, undescribed sauropod.  

For an English language version:


These sources are in Chinese with more photos:




This photo for part 2 apparently shows Dongbeititan in the foreground and
the ?Liaoning huge dragon? in the background.

The text with the first link indicates that the sauropod called the
"Liaoning huge dragon" [Liaoning ju long] is apparently not the same as
Dongbeititan, which is also on display. Other dinosaurs mentioned include
Crichtonsaurus, Shuangmiaosaurus, Bolong, Beipiaosaurus, and "Chaoyang
Iguanodon" (not sure of its Latin name yet).
The specimen called "Liaoning hugh dragon" is based on a nearly complete
skeleton including a skull with teeth found in 2007 in the Beipiao region
by "expert Shen." (Could this be Shen Yanbin, an invertebrate
paleontologist who has studied the Liaoning fauna and geology??).  As I
understand its status at the moment, this specimen apparently is an
undescribed new sauropod.

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