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Mystery Chinese sauropod as "Liaoning titanosaur"


More about the new Liaoning Paleontological Museum mentioned in two
previous posts...

A bit of clarification on the sauropod shown in this photo:

In Chinese sources, it's identified as the "Liaoning julong" [Liaoning huge
dragon], which also can be translated as "Liaoning titanosaur," similar to
Dongbei julong for Dongbeititan. 

A big confusingly, julong is also the Chinese name for Megalosaurus "big
lizard" and for Titanosaurus, or simply an alternative name for "dinosaur"
alongside "longkong" (terrible dragon).

(For example, there is basketball team in China called the Liaoning
Dinosaurs that uses the same characters "Liaoning julong." The team is also
called the Liaoning Panpan Dinosaurs. 
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liaoning_Dinosaurs)

So my hunch for now is that "Liaoning julong" can be understood as Liaoning
titanosaur, hinting that it might get a formal Latin name such as
"Liaoningtitan," similar to Dongbeititan. But time will tell... Anyway, the
completeness of the specimen is important.  

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