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RE: Alvarezsaur spurs theory (mildly serious)

 > > Still wondering why these animals would be digging...perhaps like
> > some fox = species they were in the habit=20 of caching their
> > prey...
> Clearly, they wouldn't; their proportions make it pretty much
> impossible. "Digging" is instead meant in the biomechanical sense: the
> arrangement of lever arms and forces is similar in alvarezsaurids and in
> scratch-digging animals, both burrowing ones and ones that open termite
> mounds.
That gives me an idea.
Theory:  the "and I will name him George" strategy, wherein the Alvarezsaur 
grips the prey or prey-part to his chest and proceedes to hug the stuffing out 
of it - such as until the prey is ripped open.
(a PG-rated example can be found here: http://youtu.be/2JlVqfC8-UI)
Problems with the theory:  I think the best body part to use this on, would be 
the stomach and intestine (right? wrong?), which would be grabbed ahead of time 
by larger carnivores.
possible solution:  Alvarezsaurs used their long necks to dart in, grab the 
part, and run like the dickens far far away before hugging it?...or they 
focused their efforts on carcasses which were slightly mummified?