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Re: side-note -- Re: 11th specimen of Archaeopteryx

Mike Keesey <keesey@gmail.com> wrote:

> #5 is difficult to apply

Not necessarily, or at least not more than any other apomorphy-based
definition -- "optimization ambiguity" (Sereno 1999) will always be a
problem. However, if you define feathers -- and Prum & Brush (2002) or
Xu & Guo (2009) give us a good idea what the definition should look
like -- you can apply it quite well.

> and is also called _Avipinna_ anyway.

Called by whom, precisely? I don't think anyone has used it since its
introduction by Gauthier & de Queiroz (2001), and even they did not
define it -- they just suggested it in passing as a useful name.


Gauthier JA, de Queiroz K 2001 Feathered dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs,
crown dinosaurs, and the name "Aves". 7-41 in Gauthier JA, Gall LF,
eds. New Perspectives on the Origin and Early Evolution of Birds:
Proceedings of the International Symposium in Honor of John H. Ostrom.
Peabody Mus Nat Hist, Yale Univ Press

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feathers. Q Rev Biol 77(3): 261-95

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David Èerný