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AW: Oviraptorosaurs as prehistoric "peacocks"

> and anteroposteriorly short centra. The results of a
> morphological study
> indicate a high degree of fexibility across the
> pre-pygostyle caudal
> vertebral series. New three-dimensional digital muscle
> reconstruction
> techniques reveal that, while oviraptorosaur tails were
> reduced in length
> relative to the tails of other theropods, they were more
> muscular.
> Critically, the relative size of the M. caudofemoralis was
> maintained in
> oviraptorosaurs, despite overall caudal length reduction.
> Similarities
> between the tails of oviraptorosaurs and birds appear to be
> convergent and,
> contrary to previous assertions, provide no evidence that
> supports the
> phylogenetic placement of oviraptorosaurs within, or as a
> sister group to,
> the Avialae.

Might be advisable to stop using the term "pygostyle" here then. Call it 
"caudostyle" or whatever. We don't call pycnofibers "feathers" either.