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Frog fossils from Shanwang Basin, eastern China.

Dear list,
We have a number of frog fossils (from tadpole to adult frog) from the
Shanwang Basin, eastern China. Now, the local museum hope can find
some researcher to study these fossils. I know you are all dinosaur
fans...but, just a ask, if anyone interested, just let me know.
The fluvio-lacustrine sequence of the Shanwang Basin, eastern China,
preserves a rich and important terrestrial fossil fauna and flora; the
exceptional preservation of these fossils reveals the dynamics of
ancient mammalian ecosystems and plant biology.
Given the age constraints of the basalts of the Yaoshan and Shanwang
Formations, the age of the Shanwang biota is estimated to be ca. 17
Ma, late Burdigalian of the Early Miocene, indicating that the
deposition of this fauna coincided with the onset of the mid-Miocene
Climatic Optimum.
yours Lida XING
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