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Re: Mosasaurs's phylogenetic analysis

Dear Alessandro,

>> I to all the list-members please could someone tell me what
>> is the most recent and attendible phylogenetic
>> analysis about Mosasaurs? please cited the entire refs.

Almost all analyses are based on the data published by Bell (1997)
with some modifications provided by Bell & Polcyn (2005), which I
would call the most comprehensive phylogenetic analysis of
Mosasauridae published to date. However, the data are a bit outdated.
Check especially Dutchak & Caldwell (2006, 2009), and Caldwell & Palci
(2007). Also, you should be familiar with the papers by Christiansen &
Bonde (2002), Dortangs et al. (2002), Bardet et al. (2005), Polcyn &
Bell (2005), Cuthbertson et al. (2007), Konishi & Caldwell (2011), as
well as Conrad (2008), and Conrad et al. (2011).

Bardet, N., X. P. Suberbiola, M. Iarochene, F. Bouyahyaoui, B. Bouya,
and M. Amaghzaz. 2005. A new species of Halisaurus from the Late
Cretaceous phosphates of Morocco, and the phylogenetical relationships
of the Halisaurinae (Squamata: Mosasauridae). Zoological Journal of
the Linnean Society 143:447-472.

Bell, G. L. 1997. A phylogenetic revision of North American and
Adriatic Mosasauroidea: 293-332. In Callaway, J. M, & E. L. Nicholls
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Cenomanian (U. Cretaceous) of Slovenia with a review of mosasauroid
phylogeny and evolution. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology

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from the Late Cretaceous of Israel. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
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Shale (lower Campanian) of Manitoba. Canadian Journal of Earth
Sciencies 44: 593-606.

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Konishi, T., D. Brinkman, J. A. Massare & M. W. Caldwell. 2011. New
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sp., a 92 million-year-old mosasaur from Texas (USA), and the
definition of the parafamily Russellosaurina. Netherlands Journal of
Geosciences 84:321-333.

Daniel Madzia
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