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RE: Power-walking tyrannosaurs

> >
> > That's because there is no paper...yet. It was a report 
> from Mallison's talk at SVP this year. The results were 
> interesting and should be neat to see when a paper does spawn 
> from this.
> >
> > Also, Mallison used _Plateosaurus_ in his example. Sadly, 
> _Plateosaurus_ just doesn't sell quite as well as having 
> _T.rex_ as one's picture, or keyword, or both.
> >
> > Jason
> In fact, the video I showed was of a Diplodocus model. Not 
> that sexy either. But what I suggested applies to nearly ALL 
> dinosaurs.
> :)
> H
> ___________________________________
> Dr. Heinrich Mallison

Once again, T. rex was the measure of all things...

I joked with some people at SVP that I hope to be able to do a press release or 
something at some point stating "Tyrannosaurus rex
was the "T. rex" of the Tyrannosauridae."

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