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Re: Perching, climbing, roosting was Re: 11th specimen of Archaeopteryx

> -- As someone mentioned, goats are fairly highly specialized rock
> climbers. Seeing them in a tree isn't any more surprising than
> seeing 300-lb rednecks in a tree. And apparently the tree kangaroos
> are the sister-group of the rock wallabies (*Petrogale*).

 I've seen alternate phylogenies that place tree-kangaroos
 (_Dendrolagus_) as the most basal taxon of extant Macropodidae
 (sensu stricto; i.e., separate from Potoroidae, Hypsiprymnodontidae,
 Balbaridae etc within the greater kangaroo clade, Macropodoidea).


> -- *Zhongornis*? Underrated? Isn't it rather an overrated juvenile
> *Confuciusornis*?

 I've not heard this suggested before.

I think I have right here on this list.

 If _Zhongornis_ is a juvenile _Confuciusornis_, it means that the
 latter had a 'free' tail as a juvenile that only fused into a
 pygostyle with ontogeny.

Wouldn't terribly surprise me if that actually happened.