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Tracks of large theropod from China from same period as Jehol Biota

From: Ben Creisler

Tracks of large theropod from China from same period as Jehol Biota

For a new story with photos in Chinese:

The article mentioned is:

Songmei Hu, Lida Xing, Cangfu Wang, Miaomiao Yang. 
Early Cretaceous Large Theropod Footprints from the Shangluo City, Shaanxi
Province, China. 
Geological Bulletin of China. 2011, 30(11):1697-1700.  

The paper can be downloaded from:

Described herein are two large theropod tracks from the Lower Cretaceous
Donghe Group in Shaojian Village, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. The
tracks are attributed to Megalosauripus isp. The Donghe Group is
contemporaneous with the Jehol Biota. Megalisauripus isp. at the Shaojian
track site can be compared with the foot structure of large theropods of
the Jehol Biota. Furthermore, the length of the track maker of
Megalosauripus isp. is approximately 7.4 m, which suggests that large
theropods occurred in central-southern Shaanxi Province in the Lower
Cretaceous. The discovery of Megalosauripus isp. adds a new member to Lower
Cretaceous dinosaur footprints in China, and also indicates the very
probable discovery of large-sized theropod dinosaur skeletons from the
Lower Cretaceous sediments of this area in the near future.

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