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FW: Microraptor ate birds

Posted last night but forgot to reply all.

I see people are now arguing that possibly the microraptor could fly.  If it
could fly, why would it not have eaten birds?  Hawks eat birds.   They
particularly like to eat your pigeons and chickens.

Sleepy birds behind me yawn "We kill pig."   Evil laugh.

Seriously, carnivorous dinosaurs had to eat dinosaurs because there was
little else around and what there was was too small to make a satisfying


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Two questions.  1.  Could microraptor fly?  2.  Could birds fly?

Birds behind me think microraptor certainly had his work cut out for him.
"We kill pig".   

On the other hand, cats eat birds, cats can't fly, and the birds can, and
cats aren't even very big.   All therapods were atleast as smart as cats.   


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2011/11/10 Don Ohmes <d_ohmes@yahoo.com>:
> On 11/10/2011 6:33 PM, Denver Fowler wrote:
>> Do modern animals kill prey in trees?

It seems the margay, fossa (Cryptoprocta), marten, linsangs, genets
are mostly arboreal hunters. Among borhyaenoids, there were some which
were arboreal, with opposable hallux. There is a Spanish documentary
with a genet being able to kill crows (which can be rather agressive)
at night while they were sleeping. This made me wonder how easy would
it be for a climbing predator to feast on birds when being nocturnal.