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Re: Microraptor ate birds

Apologies. I forgot T-bird sends html for respondents not tagged to get plain text.

Ar 11/11/2011 1:46 AM, scríobh Tim Williams:
Nevertheless... it is worth pondering the evidence that is available.
_Microraptor_ has been inferred to be arboreal (or at least
scansorial) based on osteological characters, chiefly pertaining to
the pes.  _Microraptor_ has also been inferred to be a glider based on
its type of feathers, and their arrangement.  Now we have a
_Microraptor_ with an arboreal bird in its tummy.  So an animal
previously inferred to have spent at least some time in trees just
happens to be preserved with prey that's arboreal?  Is it coincidence?
  Or consilience?

Having said all that, I find it hard to believe that a _Microraptor_
could surprise an enantiornithean bird in a tree.  But just because I
find it hard to believe, doesn't mean it wasn't so.

When do _these_ first appear in the record?