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Re: Perching, climbing, roosting was Re: 11th specimen of Archaeopteryx

Are there arboreal adaptations present in goats?

2011/11/11 Robert Schenck <schenck.rob@gmail.com>:
> Seems like there's a lot of heat over this issue. Personally, I think
> that the idea of arboreal dinosaurs is awesome, but the problem is,
> there's little evidence for it, and even some evidence against it
> (outside of birds of course).
> If dino-birds roosted in trees, or escaped through trees, or even
> spent part of the day clambering about brances catching insects, but
> none of this resulted in changes of their skeleton, then they may as
> well never've been in there.
> I like to keep the goats-in-trees image in mind, because it reminds us
> that animals don't allways do what we say they're 'allowed' to do, and
> because, no matter how many goats we see in trees, they're still NOT
> arboreally adapted. You'd be a crazy person to look at a goat fossil
> and say, 'yep, foraged in trees'. You'd be /correct/, but still crazy.