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Protoceratops juvies, unfenestrated parietal (repost)

Fortunately the previous version of this message got truncated 'cause it was 
sent unfinished, by accident

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From: Denver Fowler <df9465@yahoo.co.uk>

So here's an interesting quote from a new paper by Fastovsky et al (not 
mentioned so far):

Fastovsky, D., Weishampel, D., Watabe, M., Barsbold, R., Tsogtbaatar, K., & 
Narmandakh, P. (2011). A Nest of Protoceratops andrewsi (Dinosauria, 
Ornithischia) Journal of Paleontology, 85 (6), 1035-1041

"Fenestrae are not developed in the frills of these
juveniles, although they become well-developed in adult

Blog posting:

When do parietal fenestrae form in Protoceratops? somewhere post-hatching 
ontogeny. The same as Triceratops.

Denver Fowler