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Re: Nanotyrannus (?) fighting ceratopsian specimens videos

I must caution that Peter L has data that seriously contradicts the 
nanotyrannos being juveniles of Tyrannosaurus that I will not discuss because 
it is 
not my business to do so. Same for the ceratopsid. Best to wait and see how 
things pan out. 


In a message dated 11/11/11 1:09:53 PM, paleeoguy@gmail.com writes:

<< There's a simple way to solve this: section the femurs. If the

histology comes out adult, then the juvenile T. rex hypothesis is

falsified. Until then, Carr's ontogeny of Tyrannosaurus remains

reliable, and "Nanotyrannus" is a nomen dubium. Larson's argument is

that he's found another small tyrannosaurid, and because it is small,

it must be "Nanotyrannus."  >>