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Re: Microraptor ate birds

Am 11.11.2011 03:52, schrieb Tim Williams:

 Yes, it crossed my mind that if the _Microraptor_ caught the little
 birdie alive, then how did it catch the prey? It's a safe bet that
 the enantiornithean had far better arboreal adaptations, and was
 therefore much more agile than _Microraptor_ in trees. On the ground,
 the _Microraptor_ would have to catch the bird before it flew away,
 which would seem to be a big ask for a theropod that couldn't run
 very fast. I doubt that _Microraptor_ could snatch the birdie out of
 the air, with all those big feathers sticking out from its
 appendages. So an ambush attack from above seems the most plausible,
 with the feathers providing guidance during the descent. We're back
 to the Pouncing Proavis model.

Oh please, that's just special pleading. I don't see why *Microraptor* would have any greater difficulties than *Felis*. Those feathers on the hands didn't stick out at random, they were oriented at 90° from the claws and thus from potential prey.

Parachuting on a bird from above? Silently? Let alone with long, very narrow wings instead of short, broad ones?