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Re: Proper poster strategy (Re: Microraptor ate birds)

 What I do is take any chance/s prior to the late afternoon poster
 session to take a gander at all the posters, and then concentrate on
 those am interested in when the authors are in attendance.

I tried that the next day and almost ended up not having lunch.

Which would have been bad. It goes without saying I hadn't had any breakfast other than a cup or two of tea in the coffee break (no milk this time, they only had half & half!) -- the sessions started at 8, I had 1/2 hour to walk to the Paris (couldn't have afforded living there), neither my hotel nor the SVP provided anything to eat, and I never get enough sleep at conferences. The food available during the poster sessions isn't always edible either and tends to be limited in quantity.

Some people only put their posters up at the last moment, too. I understand that; I hated having to run away during the talk sessions in Bristol.