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Re: Proper poster strategy (Re: Microraptor ate birds)

 I walked back and forth from a location a mile from the Paris Las
 Vegas, ate pretty well (had an expensive but very good hamburger for
 the 1st lunch with Tom H, Tom C, Alex D and others) and managed to
 see all the posters while attending the talks. One has to be

I was actually looking for someone to have lunch _with_. I'm not so famous that people actually look for me just to talk to me at length. :-)

 And whatever you do do not, repeat do not, visit Las Vegas. A very
 sad/bad place, at least along the strip.

...Yeah. An expensive, boring place. Koen Stein observed that maybe it's fun if you have oodles of money to just throw around unthinkingly, but as long as you don't, it's eminently forgettable.

There are two cheap fast-food places that offer something else than hamburgers. One is hidden deep inside Caesars Palace, the other is hidden deep inside Miracle Mall. In Caesars Palace, there's also a Chinese restaurant that is not cheap, but not _insanely_ expensive, and very, very good.