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Re: question on correct citation

On 12 November 2011 20:03, Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all:
> If one pretends to cite the authors of a species after mentioning the
> species in the middle of text of a work to be submitted, and the
> authors of the name are three... do you use "et al." or name the three
> authors (in my case, Yonghesuchus sangbiensis Wu, Liu and Li 2001)?
> Other thing, should we use "and" or "et" before the last author? (the
> work is written in English, not French, the "et" is in case we have to
> list the authors according to some possible Latin procedure).
> I know using the author names is not necessary in the text.

Irritatingly, the answer depends on the style of the specific journal
you are submitting to.  Check the journal's own submission guidelines,
and email the editor if they don't give you the answer.  (It's also
common to run into arbitrary rules such as that you need a comma
between the authors and year in nomenclatural authorities but not
other citation; and in some case, the other way round!)

For what it's worth, most journals prefer to see ALL authors in
nomenclatural authorities, even when they use et al. for three or more
authors in other contexts.  I've never heard of journal that uses "et"
instead of "and" in lists of authors.

-- Mike.