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Re: question on correct citation

Generally, if you are listing a complete nomen for a taxon, it is best to
use all the names, and good form to use the Latin "et".

On Sat, November 12, 2011 3:03 pm, Augusto Haro wrote:
> Dear all:
> If one pretends to cite the authors of a species after mentioning the
> species in the middle of text of a work to be submitted, and the
> authors of the name are three... do you use "et al." or name the three
> authors (in my case, Yonghesuchus sangbiensis Wu, Liu and Li 2001)?
> Other thing, should we use "and" or "et" before the last author? (the
> work is written in English, not French, the "et" is in case we have to
> list the authors according to some possible Latin procedure).
> I know using the author names is not necessary in the text.
> Thank you very much.

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