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AW: question on correct citation

> If one pretends to cite the authors of a species after
> mentioning the
> species in the middle of text of a work to be submitted,
> and the
> authors of the name are three... do you use "et al." or
> name the three
> authors (in my case, Yonghesuchus sangbiensis Wu, Liu and
> Li 2001)?

For sake of brevity, "et al." is probably preferrable, but it may be better to 
cite the ref in the bibliography in this case.

> Other thing, should we use "and" or "et" before the last
> author? (the
> work is written in English, not French, the "et" is in case
> we have to
> list the authors according to some possible Latin
> procedure).

I'd use "&". Works always.