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Re: question on correct citation

Thanks for the input, Christopher... The citation is to be presented
on the body of the text, not in the formal taxonomic hierarchy.
Now I have conflicting viewpoints on whether to write all the names or
use "et al."... Thanks everybody, I will now ask the editors.

2011/11/12 Brochu, Christopher A <chris-brochu@uiowa.edu>:
> Another variable is where the citations are placed in the text.  If it's a 
> heading in a formal taxonomic hierarchy, all names should be used.  But if 
> you're naming a species in the main body of the text, "et al" is usually 
> preferred.
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> Thank you very much Mike, David and Thomas for the input! The journal
> guidelines do not have statements regarding this; I suppose we will
> have to copy the style of the examples on the Systematic Paleontology
> list, which mention all authors and use "and" instead of "et" or "&".
> Sorry about robbing time for this.