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Re: PDF request -Gilmore 1917-Brachyceratops

... but check the figures first ! This is pure G***** quality, sir ! :-/

You might actually prefer this one:

This is not the first time that I am amazed by the scans provided by G*****. 
And by 'amazed', I mean 'astonished to find complete scans lacking figures 
because of some fffuuuing scanning software or including scans of folded in 

That is pretty frustrating but also pretty stupid, as they will need to 
re-scans the whole books - one of the main goals of digitalizing books being 
indeed to prevent book handling...

Jocelyn Falconnet

PS: Please excuse my French ;-)

Jocelyn Falconnet.

Check this out:



Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 18:36:33 -0800
From: flmarius@yahoo.com
To: VRTPALEO@usc.edu; dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: PDF request -Gilmore 1917-Brachyceratops

The subject line says it all. I don't have the full ref, but it's USGS Prof. 
Papers.I cannot find it online, e.g. archive.org, jstor, paleodb, etc. I am 
looking for the full paper. Thanks in advance,