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Reinterpretation of Samrukia as a pterosaur

Samrukia nessovi, from the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan: A large
pterosaur, not a giant bird
Eric Buffetaut,

Samrukia nessovi was described as a giant bird on the basis of a pair
of mandibular rami from the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan. Anatomical
comparison shows that the specimen bears no distinctive avian
characters, and that its purported autapomorphies, as well as all its
other characters, are in fact well-known pterosaurian features. The
published phylogenetic analysis placing Samrukia within Aves is flawed
because it did not include pterosaurs. Samrukia nessovi is clearly a
large pterosaur, not a giant bird.

Keywords: Samrukia; Aves; Pterosauria; Kazakhstan; Late Cretaceous