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Re: Proper poster strategy (Re: Microraptor ate birds)

You mean you didn't appreciate the DOZENS of guys (and a couple of
gals) in bright Aprons shoving strip-club 'cards' in your face? Or
smacking the cards together to attract attention?

Maybe that'd be a good strategy to drive attendance to a poster, have
grad students clapping their hands and handing out mini copies of the
posters to people in the hallway?!

As far as food, there was a pretty good deal for 45 bucks you got a 24
hour pass to the buffets at Paris, Caesars, and several others. Time
it right and that's Dinner, Brkfst, Lunch, then Dinner. Of course
you'll drop dead after eating that many buffets in a row, but the
$/Calorie rate is tuff to beat!

I find that GSP's method wrt Posters works pretty well, make some time
to peruse them when no one's there and then talk to the authors at the
formal session. In this instance that meant I almost missed Norell and
Erickson's Hadrosaur Teeth poster, because that went up a little late
(but I didn't miss it and actually got to talk to Dr. Erickson, which
was cool).

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 7:12 PM,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
> In a message dated 11/11/11 6:44:49 PM, david.marjanovic@gmx.at writes:
> << I tried that the next day and almost ended up not having lunch.
> Which would have been bad. It goes without saying I hadn't had any
> breakfast other than a cup or two of tea in the coffee break (no milk
> this time, they only had half & half!) -- the sessions started at 8, I
> had 1/2 hour to walk to the Paris (couldn't have afforded living there),
> neither my hotel nor the SVP provided anything to eat, and I never get
> enough sleep at conferences. The food available during the poster
> sessions isn't always edible either and tends to be limited in quantity. >>
> I walked back and forth from a location a mile from the Paris Las Vegas,
> ate pretty well (had an expensive but very good hamburger for the 1st lunch
> with Tom H, Tom C, Alex D and others) and managed to see all the posters while
> attending the talks. One has to be focused! The SVP food was scarce, that's
> because there was an effort to break even and food costs were very high.
> I did not pay for the damned banquet and ended up following Jim Kirkland to
> one of the best dinners I have had -- at a Thai place for just 30 smackers!
> And whatever you do do not, repeat do not, visit Las Vegas. A very sad/bad
> place, at least along the strip. That parents actually take their kids there
> is appalling.
> GSPaul
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