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Re: Snake feeding on cliff swallows SVP POSTER

On Sat, 12 Nov 2011, Dan Chure wrote:

There was a poster in the education section of the poster displays that had a photo of a snake feeding in a cliff swallow colony well above the ground. I cannot tell from the titles which pone that photo was in. If one of the authors is on the these list would he/she please contact me off list.

I was intrigued by your description and went looking for something along
those lines. You might find this interesting:


"I pulled over at the Loma bridge fishing access site just outside of the UMBNM north of Fort Benton MT on Sunday afternoon around 4:30PM to photograph the Cliff Swalows tending thier nests. What I found was an enormous Bull Snake fishing for Cliff Swallows from 30 feet above the racing Missouri River. I observed it for over 2 hours slink in and out of about 5 nests consuming the chicks."