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RE: T.rex needs a diet!

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> Ok, once again, these critters look unbalanced, especially if 
> it had a full gut:
> http://images.sciencedaily.com/2011/10/111012185634-large.jpg
> Also, how does extra weight this affect a predator vs 
> scavenger lifestyle scenario?

ARRRGGHHH!!!!! Why would anyone even bring this up?!?!

None of the evidence here changes, whether the new model was right or wrong re: 

And please note: these methods have yet to be tested for many other dinosaur 
taxa. As such, do not attempt to compare masses
estimated with this method in T. rex to masses estimated with any other method 
in other big theropods, or ceratopsids, or what have
you. That's apples & oranges stuff.

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