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Re: Tyrannosaurus was not a fat boy or girl

With Thanksgiving approaching, and all this talk of theropod fleshiness
and fat, does anyone have any recipe tips for cooking tyrannosaurs?

I've never done it but I was thinking belly cuts because they might be
marbled? Some of what I read says all the fat is in the tail. Other
sources say the skin.

I'd love to do something with Tyrannosaur fois gras, which is possible if,
like ducks and geese, they stored fat in the livers for migration. But
some online sources say crocodilian liver is highly toxic. Has anyone on
DML eaten alligator liver and lived to tell the tale? With that knowledge
we could do an extant phylogenetic bracket and plan our recipes

This morning my friends and I have been discussing smoking techniques, and
below is an image from the grill of the master of natural lump charcoal,
Mr. Douglas Henderson:


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