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Re: Quetzalcoatlus skeletal reconstrutions

Dan - that is going to be tricky, actually.  Q. northropi itself is only known 
from a wing.  The full skeletal reconstructions are produced by scaling the 
smaller morph (Quetzalcoatlus sp).  However, very few individuals have had the 
opportunity to see the small morph material and even fewer still have the 
allometric equations to scale it correctly.  The upshot is that almost no 
accurate skeletal reconstructions of Q. northropi are available publicly. 


--Mike H

On Nov 20, 2011, at 11:10 AM, Daniel Bensen wrote:

> Anyone know where I can find a good, authoritative Quetzalcoatlus
> northropi skeletal reconstruction?
> Also, the consensus is that Q. northropi was something like a stork in
> its habits, right?
> Dan

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