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Re: Palaeos.com


Well, this is a mildly annoying turn of events...

>and so is Palaeos.com. the website is under lots of construction.

As such I would like to point out the "Do not disturb" warnings
peppered around the site... However, if you'd like to help with the
construction efforts or once we're done with the uploading and
updating contribute material either written or pictorial feel free to
contact us off list ( http://palaeos.com/feedback.html ).

> Just wanted to let anyone who used the site know.

Which we would have done in our own time I should add. Although,
picking up on the turn of phrase, as there is a notion of having an
accolades page listing where our site is used in an academic setting
be it as secondary/tertiary reference or as course material we would
much appreciate people saying so on record if they would be so kind.

Many thank in advances and hoping I wasn't too snippy,
Renato Santos