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RE: Huaxiaosaurus, new giant hadrosaur from China

While I cannot read Chinese, and the paper's figures are line drawings of what 
are certainly distorted fossils, I am making a prediction that this material 
may end up confused and, likely, referred to *Shantungosaurus giganteus.* This 
is further suggested by the fact that *Zhuchengosaurus maximus* (Zhao et al., 
2007), another titanic hadrosaur from the same locality and formation, has been 
argued to be the same taxon, and was lumped into *Shanthungosaurus giganteus* 
(Ji et al., 2011).

Zhao X.-j., Li D.-j., Han G., Hao H.-x., Liu F.-g., Li L.-j. & Fang X.-s. 2007. 
[Zhuchengosaurus maximus from Shandong Province.] _Acta Geoscientia Sinica_ 
Ji Y., Wang X., Liu Y.-q. & Ji Q. 2011. Systematics, behavior and living 
environment of Shantungosaurus giganteus (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae). _Acta 
Geologica Sinica_ (English Edition) 85(1):58-65.


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