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Re: Huaxiaosaurus, new giant hadrosaur from China -- Mandarin speakers--

On a related note, how common is Mandarin amoung paleontologists
(excluding, obviously, researchers from places like China)? It seems
like with all the fossils coming out of there, it'd be a big advantage
to speak it, but I get the impression, and perhaps I am wrong, that
even many people who work on these things don't speak it.  Or how
common is Mongolian, for that matter, (again, outside of the Mongolian
paleontologists, who've done great work).

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 10:06 PM, Brad McFeeters
<archosauromorph2@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Do they say why they believe the Wangshi is 100 million years old?  That's a 
> pretty remarkable claim considering the dinosaur groups present 
> (hadrosaurids, ceratopsids, leptoceratopsids, tyrannosaurids).
> ----------------------------------------
>> Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 15:15:45 -0800
>> From: bscreisler@yahoo.com
>> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
>> Subject: Huaxiaosaurus, new giant hadrosaur from China
>> From: Ben Creisler
>> bscreisler@yahoo.com
>> A new genus and species of hadrosaur from China, claimed to be distinct from 
>> Shandongosaurus and Zhuchengosaurus.
>> Huaxiaosaurus aigahtens.
>> ZHAO Xijin,  WANG Kebai &  LI Dunjing (2011)
>> Geological Bulletin of China 30(11):1671-1688
>> http://www.gbc.ac.cn/ch/reader/view_abstract.aspx?file_no=20111103&flag=1
>> Abstract:
>> Huaxiaosaurus aigahtens Zhao, gen. & sp. nov. was a mild herbivorous 
>> dinosaur that lived in Zhucheng of Shandong Province in Late Mesozoic 100 Ma 
>> ago. The specimen of Huaxiaosaurus aigahtens 11.3m in height and 18.7m in 
>> length is a skeleton assembled by many parts collected from several 
>> individuals of the same species. It was the tallest individual among the 
>> ornithopods. It had short forelimbs and tough hind legs, and it is another 
>> new finding after the discovery of the giant Shandongosaurus and 
>> Zhuchengosaurus.
>> Keywords: Huaxiaosaurus aigahtens  Wangshi Formation  Late Cretaceous 
>>  Shandong
>> News article in Chinese:
>> http://www.lnkp.gov.cn/huashi/i2/200912/11468.html

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