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Re: Mounted Spinosaurus in Marseille

Didn't even know that it had been on display... thank you Michael !

This specimen is a composite skeleton incorporating elements from three individuals from the Kem-Kem beds of Morocco. These individuals were apparently young, given that it measures 7.6 m in length.

It was presented at auction in Drouot in Paris in 2009 by François Escuillé - but the price proposed was lower than expected so it was not sold. The skeleton has been on display in the Toulouse Museum during Winter 2011 and was sent to the Marseille Museum afterwards. And - good news ! - the exhibition is prolonged until the 31st of December !

More information here (in French):

More pictures there:

And for French speakers, an interview of the curator of the Marseille Museum (with close-ups of the specimen !):

Le 23/11/2011 23:17, Michael Lange a écrit :
Dear list,

I just look at the homepage of the Natural History Museum Marseille (France) 
and was surpised to see a mounted skeleton of Spinosaurus thats on display 
there. Here you can see a picture of it:



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