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Hey y'all:

Thanksgiving here in the U.S. is my favorite holiday because it has escaped
most of the crass commercialism that has taken over the other holidays we
have (even Halloween has been infected) and because it only involves
whatever religious aspect that each family decides to add to it. It is the
calm before the storm of Christmas that starts as a tsunami tomorrow. It is
the one holiday we have where everyone seems to be able to define entirely
how they really want to celebrate it, although almost certainly great food
is involved. 

As I get ready to enjoy devouring a 14 pound theropod with my lovely bride
of 28 years and my 87 year old mom, and 2 cats Ray and Lena - short for
Elrathia kingii Meek 1870 and Olenellus gilberti (Meek, 1874) - the things I
am most thankful for in my life, I would like to boldly suggest that those
on the list from wherever they are on this planet of ours take a few seconds
to let those they treasure most know how they feel about them and reflect on
just how lucky we are to be so passionate about a bunch old fossils and that
we have a community we can share that passion with, even though we argue
with each other a lot. I have been reflecting on past Thanksgivings and
fondly remember a great one that we shared with many friends, including
David Norman who was visiting Washington that year. He got a real dose of an
American (US) Thanksgiving that year with both traditional northeast and
southern dishes (and people) and it was a great honor to have him there. I
will miss oyster stuffing this year but New Mexico just doesn't seem to be a
great place to try and include seafood that is best very fresh.

Anyway, off topic I know but I did use the term theropod once.

Ralph Chapman