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Re: Thanksgiving

You all might be interested in Matt Wedel's lavishly illustrated
Thanksgiving compendium of some of the science that you can get out of
the humble turkey:

-- Mike.

On 24 November 2011 15:46, ralphchapman <ralphchapman@earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hey y'all:
> Thanksgiving here in the U.S. is my favorite holiday because it has escaped
> most of the crass commercialism that has taken over the other holidays we
> have (even Halloween has been infected) and because it only involves
> whatever religious aspect that each family decides to add to it. It is the
> calm before the storm of Christmas that starts as a tsunami tomorrow. It is
> the one holiday we have where everyone seems to be able to define entirely
> how they really want to celebrate it, although almost certainly great food
> is involved.
> As I get ready to enjoy devouring a 14 pound theropod with my lovely bride
> of 28 years and my 87 year old mom, and 2 cats Ray and Lena - short for
> Elrathia kingii Meek 1870 and Olenellus gilberti (Meek, 1874) - the things I
> am most thankful for in my life, I would like to boldly suggest that those
> on the list from wherever they are on this planet of ours take a few seconds
> to let those they treasure most know how they feel about them and reflect on
> just how lucky we are to be so passionate about a bunch old fossils and that
> we have a community we can share that passion with, even though we argue
> with each other a lot. I have been reflecting on past Thanksgivings and
> fondly remember a great one that we shared with many friends, including
> David Norman who was visiting Washington that year. He got a real dose of an
> American (US) Thanksgiving that year with both traditional northeast and
> southern dishes (and people) and it was a great honor to have him there. I
> will miss oyster stuffing this year but New Mexico just doesn't seem to be a
> great place to try and include seafood that is best very fresh.
> Anyway, off topic I know but I did use the term theropod once.
> Ralph Chapman