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Re: Addressing placodont diet issue

Saved from saved from truncation (no, I am not repearing myself).


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Salvaged from truncation, as is said here

The theory of placodonts as algal feeders made its appearance also on these
 lists, I think it may be interesting to  report that a in-depth revision o
f placodont diet, disproving, I would say dismantling, the hypotesys of
sirenian-like vegetarian placodonts is published in the forthcoming issue
of Historical Biology (already available as [i]i First[/i] ).


Revised paleoecology of placodonts =96 with a comment on =91The shallow
marine placodont Cyamodus of the central European Germanic Basin: its
evolution, paleobiogeography and paleoecology=92 by C.G. Diedrich.

Torsten M. Scheyer, James M. Neenan, Silvio Renesto, Franco Saller, Hans
Hagdorn, Heinz Furrer, Olivier Rieppel&  Andrea Tintori

A recent article published by Diedrich (2011a, Hist Biol. iFirst online,
19619, doi: 10.1080/08912963.2011.575938) aspired to provide a complete
revision of the known material of the placodont genus Cyamodus Meyer, 1863
from the Germanic Basin of central Europe. It is the latest in a series of
similar articles by the same author (see Diedrich 2010, Palaeogeogr
Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol. 285(3=964):287=96306; 2011b, Nat Sci.
3(1):9=9627 for overview) focussing on the European members of the
Placodontia (Reptilia: Sauropterygia), a diverse group of enigmatic marine
reptiles known from Triassic shallow marine deposits. In a similar fashion
to some previous works by Diedrich (see Tintori 2011, Palaeogeogr
Palaeoclimatol Palaeoecol. 300(1964):205=96207 for similar points of
criticism), this newest article demonstrates a narrow scope of presenting
and discussing data, including omitted articles relevant to the topic, and
over-interpretation of results, all with the aim of embedding the idea of
placodonts being herbivorous Triassic sea cows=92 feeding on macroalgae
(Diedrich 2010, 2011b). The present contribution is intended to clarify
mistakes and misinterpretations made by Diedrich (2011a), to incorporate
vital citations previously omitted which allow alternative interpretations,
and to put the paper into perspective by including a more general
evolutionary and paleoecological overview of the remaining placodonts.
All the best,

    Silvio Renesto

Silvio C. Renesto
Associate Professor of Palaeontology
DSTA (Department of Theoretical and Applied Sciences)
Universit=E0 degli Studi dell'Insubria
via Dunant 3
21100 Varese Italy

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