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Re: Hell Creek environment


> Thanks a lot! This is a great site.

You're welcome :-)

> However, I see that this map:
> http://www2.nau.edu/rcb7/65moll.jpg
> and this one:
> http://www.scotese.com/K/t.htm
> treat the drying of the interior seaway differently.
> I wonder where that choice came from.

Well, you can always ask the author (Blakey). There are also
publications available: http://cpgeosystems.com/rcb_refs.html . Though
given that Scotese's updates to his maps have been ostensibly thin on
the ground and Blakey has been more consistent in that I'd go with the
latter. Don't forget to check out the new site:
http://cpgeosystems.com/index.html .

Renato Santos