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Re: Nopcsaspondylus has no hypophene, please

Rescued from truncation:


 The alternative is just making a name de novo every time you want to
 name a minor clade=2C and that tends to lead to bizarre names like
 Laurasiformes as a clade of macronarians.  I'm not crazy about that.
 -- Mike.

There's no such thing as a "minor" clade. This is the sort of typological t=
hinking that Ranks provided us=2C that the ICZN enforced with its "only Fam=
ilies=2C Genera and Species matter" attitude=2C and continues to stand in t=
he way of people willing to break the constraints of the old system. We are=
 told "it works=2C" but it doesn't=3B it's a crutch for the sake of somethi=
ng that feels familiar and functional (nesting nomenclature)=2C but it is o=
therwise useless aside from the feeling of having your names chosen for you=
. It means less memorization=2C but it means sticking with a system and a t=
ypological thinking that is fundamentally flawed. As long as the system is =
used=2C and continues to be used=2C it will impair the breaking of the "Ran=
ks-are-useful" mind-set that pervades systematic biology and [to a lesser e=
xtent] paleontology.


  Jaime A. Headden
  The Bite Stuff (site v2)