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RE: tiny-armed theropods

There are also some developmental mechanisms that relate head size to
fore-limb size negatively that I've been told about by developmental
biologists. The latter is defined by typical size metrics and digit number
so if the head goes significantly up in size, the fore limbs gotta pay with
smaller size and even loss of digits. Hello! T rex you have a call on the
house phone. 

However, I will leave it to developmental people to explain competently as
it is not my area of expertise.


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A possibility is that forelimb reduction permits to reduce weight
regardless of head size. This would be overall adventageous for large
forms, with their increased weight problems. This can be adventageous
if the relatively larger limbs of an ancestor of these dinosaurs were
doing something not very important or which did not require big size.

2011/10/5 Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:
> This notion is a lot easier to swallow for big-headed tyrannosaurs
> than for little-headed abelisaurs.
> -- Mike.