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Be sure to take $ to SVP

I am now holding the latest fiendish ploy in Indiana University Press' ongoing 
conspiracy to separate impecunious paleontologists from their hard-earned cash:

Angel Galobart, Maite Suner, & Begona Poza, Dinosaurs of Eastern Iberia.

This is a full-color translation and new edition of a work previously published 
in Spanish.  Lots of gorgeous pix of sites, specimens, and life restorations of 
dinosaurs and other members of Mesozoic biotas of the Iberian Peninsula.  Just 
the thing to take along with you on your next European jaunt....

Regrettably, I cannot make it to SVP this year, but the gracile Bob Sloan will 
be there representing IUP.

And yes, in case anybody asks, the second edition of Complete Dinosaur has 
FINALLY gone to press.

There are other cool things in the IUP works, including something especially 
for therapsid lovers.