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Re: speculative armless T. Rex

Greg Paul's illustration is also in that Scientific American Book of
Dinosaurs. Greg is also a vastly better illustrator than (most of) the
people who illustrated Dixon's "The New Dinosaurs," and I wish he
could do a few more spec-evo pieces for dinosaurs. Some of Dixon's
ideas are interesting, but most of them are either silly or hideously
non-naturalistic. Greg's would at least look like reasonably
proportioned living animals instead of
fever-dream/taxidermy-gone-wrong nightmares.

On a tangential note, I heard that some group or other was going to
start a "what would things have been like had the Permian extinction
not happened" spec-evo project, a la the (defunct) Speculative Dino
Project, with therapsids taking center stage. Did that ever get off
the ground? Or not enough time/interest/etc?